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About Us

MG Attorneys at Law established in 2009, is an international law firm founded and led by Mr.Michael Gamal.
Michael Gamal experienced lawyer, has practiced law since 2004, has a law degree and regularly participates in professional seminars and conferences, participate in training to improve the skills.
Today, our law office is a team of highly skilled professionals, conducting protect both individuals and legal entities. The combined experience of successful business management and streamlined internal communication mechanism allows you to:
• to provide a thorough preparation of legal documents;
• provide reliable protection in litigation;
• Provide high-quality legal advice;
• observe the highest level of confidentiality and liability to the Client.
Feature of our work – to find unique solutions for each client, providing a guarantee of reliable protection and the ability to find a way out, even in the most difficult situation.
We understand that you trust your lawyer important personal interests and hopes on his honesty and competence. With this in mind, we tried to fully understand the situation his client, always believe in the success cases. and with no false promises to inform about all the possible juridical forecasts.
Almost all of our clients come to us through recommendations from satisfied customers.

To use the services of our attorneys please call:
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We emphasize on understanding our clients’ objectives, priorities and concerns. We believe that understanding is the foundation for trust.


Efficient and effective provision of legal aid, is our utmost priority..


We are client-centric in our approach. We are accessible, responsive and innovative. We are always prepared to respond to our clients requirements in order to meet and exceed their expectations.


We are solution-orientated. Our goal is to reach a customized solution that works for our clients.






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